2001 Program Participants
Vaughn Armstrong
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek Guest Stars
An Hour with Vaughn Armstrong
Vaughn has appeared as more major characters in the various Star Trek series than any other actor.  In The Next Generation, he played Korris, the first modern-day Klingon besides Worf, in "Heart of Glory," and in Deep Space Nine, he played Gul Dunar in "Past Prologue."  In Voyager, he played Telek Ramor in "Eye of the Needle," Two of Nine in "Survival Instinct," the Vidiian captain in "Fury," Alpha-Hirogen in "Flesh and Blood, Part I," and Korath in "Endgame, Part I."  Vaughn has just completed shooting the pilot for the new Star Trek series, Enterprise, in which he plays the head of Star Fleet, Admiral Forrest.  His other television appearances include guest and recurring roles on Babylon 5, 7 Days, ER, West Wing, NYPD Blue, Seinfeld, The Beast, Frasier, Moesha and a hundred more.  His film credits include Clear and Present Danger, The Net, Philadelphia Experiment, and Triumphs of a Man Called Horse, to name a few.  On stage, Vaughn has portrayed Brutus in Julius Caesar, Macduff, Cassio in Othello, ad infinitum.  His 30-year career has included producing, directing and stage design, as well as acting.

Clifford Bell
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: Voyager: The Final Verdict
Cliff's involvement with outer space began at a very young age, when his father, an Air Force test pilot, was one of those selected to try out for the original astronaut program.  At his mother's request his father turned it down, but the space program was followed closely by his family, as watching every launch was mandatory.  This led to his avid interest in science fiction and the dreams of colonizing space.  Cliff would spend his spare time at the base library reading the books of Jules Verne, H G Wells, Asimov, Bradbury and Sturgeon, to name a few.  In the fifth grade, he ended up in the principal's office for reading "Mysterious Island" when he was supposed to be reading the fifth grade reader.  When Star Trek first aired, Cliff was there, glued to the set for every episode, even "Spock's Brain."  After high school, he attended California State University at Long Beach and earned a BS in Marine Biology.  He then joined the Navy, where he served as a Surface Warfare Officer and became an Anti-Submarine Warfare specialist.  After leaving the Navy, he went to work for defense contractors and spent some time in Saudi Arabia.  His work led him to a career in software testing and evaluation and he now works as the Software Quality Assurance manager for Interealty Corporation, the largest provider of software solutions to the real estate industry.  This is Cliff's third year on TrekTrak.

Andrea BentonAndrea Benton
Songs of the Klingon Warrior
Andrea has been an avid science fiction fan since the 70s.  Attending her first SF con in Los Angeles, she has been on the run ever since.  Moving about also exposed Andrea to gaming, such as Arduin Grimoire, AD&D and others.  After settling down on the East Coast, she became involved in many different aspects of fandom, both Klingon and others.  Also known as Commander SajQa' sutai-Fenix, Andrea is currently the Dark Moon Fleet, Dark Phoenix Quadrant Commander in the Klingon Assault Group.  When off duty, she has also been known to grab a drum and start playing.  She also runs a little something called the Hot Blood Bar.
Julie Caitlin BrownJulie Caitlin Brown
Star Trek Guest Stars
Julie Caitlin Brown, a native of San Francisco, California, began her musical career at the age of twelve.  After working as a singer-guitarist, competing in vocal jazz in high school, and fronting a number of bands, Julie moved at age eighteen to the Napa Valley.  In Napa, she continued her love of blues and jazz, performing in clubs all over Northern California.  In 1983, she made her stage debut as Mary Magdalene in the Mondavi Concert Series production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Other musicals followed, along with straight plays, including the critically acclaimed and sold-out production of A Late Snow at Theatre Rhinoceros in San Francisco.
        Nineteen eighty-eight found Julie in Florida where, over the next two years, she appeared in over sixty commercials, and was also seen in the NBC movie Roxanne -- The Prize Pulitzer, ABC's B. L. Stryker, CBS's Wolf, and the feature films Miami Blues with Alec Baldwin and Chains of Gold with John Travolta.
        Making the move to New York in 1990, Julie appeared in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum starring George Wendt, as -- who else? -- "Gymnasia," for the prestigious Williamstown Theatre Festival.  That show led to her audition for Tommey Tune's Tony Award-winning Grand Hotel on Broadway, where she took over the lead role of Rafaella Ottanio.  Starring opposite legendary Cyd Charisse, Julie played the role for seventeen months.
        Julie returned home to California in 1992 and immediately landed a pilot for Stephen J. Cannell and went on to guest-star in numerous TV shows. Star Trek fans will recall her performances as Ty Kajada in the 1993 Deep Space Nine episode "The Passenger" and as Vekor in the 1993 Next Generation two-part episode "Gambit," alongside Robin Curtis as Tallera.  Julie has also appeared in Raven for CBS, Dream On for HBO, and many others.  It was a phone call at home from a casting director, Mary Jo Slater, that led to her being offered the role of Na'Toth, on Babylon 5.  After the first season as G'Kar's intense attaché, she then appeared as the human lawyer Guinevere Corey in the second season episode, "There All Honor Lies."
        Recent television projects include: Renegade, Pointman, Vanishing Son and NBC's JAG, where her story as a tough Marine drill instructor, "Boot," was the highest watched episode of that show's season.  The NBC movie of the week, Murder Live, featured Julie as the network news anchor, Julia Cafferty, to great reviews.
        Back onstage, she had the extreme pleasure of originating the role of Claire in the rock opera Bare and also appeared as the first female Kromagg on Sliders, Colonel Kesh.  Julie also appeared as Bonnie Turbovic on Stephen Bochco's CBS series Brooklyn South and as Nicky on Becker with Ted Danson and the actress formerly known as Jadzia Dax, Terry Farrell.
        Julie has been performing her original style of music around the Los Angeles area for the last few years, and her first CD, Sheddin' My Shin, became available in January 1998 on her own label, Illumina.  Long awaited by her fans, the CD featured members of Suzzane Vega's band and utilized the talents of Tony Visconti.  Produced by Beth Ravin in New York, the record reflects the diverse attitudes of Julie, sometimes intimate, other times bold and always heartfelt.  She calls it "music for people who've lived."
        Julie second album, Struck by Lightning, was released in July 2000.  Capturing the feel of her live performances, she also produced this CD, which was recorded in Los Angeles.

Jeffrey Combs
Star Trek: Enterprise
An Hour with Jeffrey Combs
Another Hour with Jeffrey Combs
Jeffrey was born in 1954 in Oxnard, California.  He grew up in Lompoc, California with a plethora of siblings both older and younger.  He attended the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Monica, and the Professional Actor's Training Program at the University of Washington in Seattle.  He spent about four years in regional theatre performing at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, the Arizona Theatre Company in Tuscon, the California Shakespearean Festival, the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles and the South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, among others.
        Jeffrey moved to Los Angeles in 1980, where he lives with his family.  Jeffrey is best known for his characters Dr. Herbert West (Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator), as the cunning and enigmatic Vorta, Weyoun, and as the Ferengi Liquidator, Brunt, (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).  He has also starred in The Frightners, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, House on Haunted Hill, and the upcoming releases Faust and The Attic Expeditions.

Peter David
Sunday Afternoon with Peter David
Peter has written nearly two dozen novels and hundreds of comics books, including The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Aquaman, X-Factor, Sach & Violens, Soulsearchers & Company, The Atlantis Chronicles, Dreadstar, Wolverine and The Phantom. Peter has written several popular Star Trek novels including Q-Squared, Q-in-Law, Vendetta, A Rock and a Hard Place, The Rift, Imzadi and The Siege, which have spent a combined six months on the New York Times Bestseller List.  His other novels include Knight Life, Howling Mad, the Psi-Man and the Photon adventure series and novelizations of Batman Forever, The Return of Swamp Thing and The Rocketeer.  He has written several episodes of the acclaimed television series Babylon 5 and is screenwriter of the award-winning science fiction film spoof Oblivion.  His television series, Space Cases, was co-written with Bill "Lennier" Mumy.  He also writes a weekly column, "But I Digress..." for the Comics Buyers Guide.  This is Peter's eighth year on TrekTrak.

Chris DemetralChris Demetral
Star Trek Guest Stars
Chris was born in 1976 in Royal Oak, Michigan, and grew up in the town of Macomb, Michigan.  His parents divorced when he was four.  At seven, his father had a job transfer to California and he joined his father in the move.  Since the age of three, Chris had aspired to be an actor and saw the move to California as a potential start for his acting career.  Four years later, when his grandmother discovered an open audition for a movie, Chris got his first break.  While he didn't get the part, he was recommended to one of Los Angeles' finest child agents and was signed that same day.  Less than a year later, Chris received his first part in a children's video, called Kids Have Rights, Too.  Several other roles followed and within that same year, he landed the part of Jeremy Tupper on the HBO show Dream On.
        During the last decade, Chris appeared as a guest star in several TV series, including Star Trek:The Next Generation, Lois & Clark, Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson's Creek and most recently, CBS' hit drama, CSI, among others.  He's also appeared in numerous television movies, including Journey of the Heart, where he played a blind autistic piano-playing savant with Cybill Shepard, and For Hope, a story about a woman's battle with schleroderma, directed by Bob Saget.  His feature films include Disney's Blank Check and Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back.
        Chris is starring in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne as the title character.  Jules Verne is currently airing on the Sci-Fi Channel and on foreign stations worldwide.  US syndication on the WB 100 will start in September 2001.
        Chris lives with his wife Jana and their dog Rory in Los Angeles.

James Doohan
An Hour with James Doohan
Beam Him Up, Scotty: He-e-e-ere's Jimmy!
TrekTrak Presents: James Doohan
Although everybody knows James Doohan as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott on the USS Enterprise (where on countless occasions he rescued the ship), not too many people know of his true heroics.  As a captain in the Royal Canadian Army, Jimmy was wounded on D-Day.  After that, he was a pilot-observer and became known as "the craziest pilot of the Canadian Air Force."  Long before that, at 15 years of age, Jimmy started his acting career as Robin Hood at the Varieté School in Sarnia, Ontario.  In 1946, he won a scholarship at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, where he taught over the next three years. 
        In 1953, after working on all kinds of theater, film and radio shows, Jimmy went back to Toronto to work on over 4,000 radio shows, 400 TV shows and many theatrical presentations, including Shakespeare.  Eight years later, he moved to Hollywood, where he worked on over a hundred movies and series before landing a role in 1966 that would make him the most famous ship's engineer in history: an unforgettable cruise as Scotty in Star Trek, which continued for many years in the various Trek films. 
        In 1993, Jimmy moved with his wife Wendy and two sons, Eric and Thomas, to Washington State.
    TrekTrak is proud to welcome a true legend, James Doohan, to his first-ever Dragon*Con.

Joseph Greenwood
The Missing Minority V
Joe has spent the last eight years as the editor for Survival News, the official monthly publication of Atlanta-based AIDS Survival Project.  Survival News provides news, lifestyles and treatment information for people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones, and as its lead columnist, Joe has now come out as gay, HIV+, a comic book and art collector, and a Dungeons & Dragons player, so he no longer has any closet doors to unlock.
        If you have spent any time in Atlanta, you may have seen Joe in a volunteer capacity at ASP's Thrive! Weekend, where he has been both a group leader and a presenter of their "Living Well" segment.  He also volunteers annually at their Pride booth, Wigwood festival, and numerous other fundraising events.  Joe sees his primary goal in life as "educating all people -- gay and straight -- about the realities of living with HIV, and its everchanging impact on the gay and lesbian community," and he works tirelessly as a peer counselor and role model for those infected, and affected, by AIDS.  You may have also seen Joe as a volunteer for Dragon*Con, where he helps out each year in the Registration area.
        Joe collects comic books from the Golden and Silver Ages, most notably those featuring superheroines and "good girl" art, to the puzzlement of most of his gay and straight friends.  (Don't get him started on "Phantom Lady"...)  He is also proud of his collection of original comic book art, vintage Barbies, and taped sci-fi television programs.
        Joe has lived in Atlanta since 1983, and moved here from Gainesvile, Florida, his home town, where he earned a B.A. from the University of Florida.
Chris Jones
Star Trek's Starships
Chris has been a Star Trek and science fiction fan in one capacity or another for most of his life.  He cut his teeth on shows such as Lost in Space,Johnny Quest and the original Star Trek in the 1960s and has continued his involvement in Trek and SF shows, stories and activities to the present day.  Chris has participated in gaming as far back as the mid-'70s, starting with some of the board strategy games, then into RPGs such as D&D, Traveler, Aftermath and Fading Suns.  Though his primary occupation is as a computer technician, he has served many years in the military under multiple occupations, been an extra in TV and movies and works part-time for Holistic Design, running game demos.  Chris is currently a member of the Klingon Assault Group, for whom he helps coordinate public events such as Toys for Tots.  He also designs insignia and accessories for Klingon costumes.

Eric KoskeEric Koske
Klingon 101
Eric has been a Star Trek fan since the mid-70s and a Klingon fan for most of that time.  He became interested in Klingon fandom and the Klingon language since the creation of the language for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.  Eric has participated in role-playing games since 1981, including D&D, the FASA Star Trek Role-Playing Game and the FASA Starship Combat Tactical Simulator game.  He has been involved in online Star Trek-themed role-playing games (MUD/MUSH/MUSEs) since 1985, rising to the position of Emperor on three of them.  Eric performed the design, sewing and metalwork on his current Klingon uniform with technical assistance from his costumer wife, Ruth Marie.  He has been involved in Star Trek fan organizations since joining Starfleet in 1986 as a Klingon character, and was elected captain of a small, mid-Georgia chapter for a short time.  Eric now serves as crew aboard the IKV Fek'lhr's Fury, a chapter of the Klingon Assault Group based in Marietta, Georgia, and as a member of Major Modaw's Klingon Bat'leth Drill Team.  During shore leave, Eric works as an web programmer for a Marietta-based company.

Cheralyn LamethCheralyn Lambeth
Klingon Construction Workshop
The 2001 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant
Cheralyn began creating her own costumes and creatures at the tender age of ten, when her mother finally refused to make any more odd costumes for her at Halloween.  She carried this obsession with her into college at UNC Chapel Hill, where, after having failed miserably as an Air Force reservist, she switched her major from math to something much more useful, such as Dramatic Arts and Radio/Television/Motion Pictures.  Shortly after graduation, Cheralyn descended upon New York to study costuming, wigs and make-up at the Juilliard School, and achieved her first fifteen minutes of fame by making her off-Broadway debut, appearing with John Leguizamo in Mambo Mouth.  From there, Cheralyn moved to Minneapolis to create Muppet costumes for Sesame Street Live, and returned to New York a year later to work with Jim Henson Productions on the TV series Dinosaurs! and the film The Muppet Christmas Carol.  In between work and more work, Cheralyn served as a playtester for the Star Wars RPG module Mission to Lianna, and has written articles for such science fiction-related periodicals as Con-Tour Magazine and Bjo Trimble's Sci-Fi Spotlite
        Most recently, Cheralyn has just finished a long stint with Paramount Production Services, where she created props and costumes for such attractions as Titanic: The Movie on Tour, the Star Trek Earth Tour, and Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.  Her latest projects include the TV mini-series Shake, Rattle and Roll, and lastly, work as both a costume crafts technician and an extra in Mel Gibson's The Patriot.

Richard Lynch as BaranRichard Lynch
Star Trek Guest Stars
Richard LynchRichard began his training with Herbert Bergoff and Uta Hagen at H.B. Studios in New York's Greenwich Village, and later went on to train extensively with Lee Strasberg at Carnegie Hall.  In 1970, he became a lifetime member of the Actors Studio and spent years in the New York theater community playing in dozens of on- and off-Broadway productions.  The more notable plays were The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel, The Lion in Winter, The Devils, The Lady from the Sea, Action, Live Like Pigs, Richard III, Off on a Tangerine, A View from the Bridge, The Man with the Flower in His Mouth and Shelly Winters' One Night Stands of a Noisy Passenger.
        Richard made his film debut in the 1973 film classic Scarecrow, winner of the Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Film Festival.  His performance in Scarecrow launched his film career and brought him to Hollywood, where he has worked in film and television for over twenty years.  Richard's more prominent film work has been in Scarecrow, The Seven Ups, Open Season, The Formula, Little Nikita, Invasion U.S.A., Bad Dreams, Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment and William Peter Blatty's The Ninth Configuration.  His performance as the evil King Cromwell in the successful fantasy film The Sword and the Sorcerer won him the Saturn Award for Best Actor from the Academy of Science Fiction & Fantasy.  Richard also starred in numerous TV shows and movies of the week, such as Alcatraz: The Whole Bloody Story, Sizzle, Vampire and Star Trek: The Next Generation's two-part episode "Gambit."
        Richard's work in a variety of independent films has won him a high profile internationally.  He has recently returned from China, where he played in the first joint production between the Screen Actors' Guild and the People's Republic of China, The Korean Project.

Dave McConnell at the 1998 TrekTrakDave McConnell
Star Trek FilkSing VIII
Dave has been active in fandom since 1968 and is Dragon*Con's Director of Filk Programming.  He co-authored with Ken Kessler his first filksong, What Do You Do with a Drunken Hobbit?, in 1972.  Dave was the rhythm guitar player for the all-filk band Timelines, which he founded in 1993 and who released an album, Timelines Takes Flight, in 1994.  This is Dave's sixth filk performance on TrekTrak, having performed with Timelines at the very first TrekFilk in 1994, with Leslie Fish in 1997 1998 and 2000, and headlining the TrekFilk solo in 1999.

Marjorie Monaghan in Star Trek: VoyagerMarjorie Monaghan
Star Trek Guest Stars
         Born in California and raised in the Midwest, Marjorie spent her early childhood moving from place to place.  Extremely quiet, she had an active imagination and loved reading, telling stories and creating adventures that she and her friends would act out for months on end.  This led her to join the drama club in high school, where she was drawn to the strong sense of community she found in theater, with everyone working hard together for a common end.  Too shy to audition at first, she started out building sets, and still loves the smell of sawdust and paint.  Her first stage role was as Snoopy in a high school production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.  An accomplished singer, Marjorie was also actively involved in several singing ensembles at school, and her participation in statewide competitions won her medals both as a soloist and with her groups. 
        Marjorie landed her first professional acting job in an Equity outdoor drama production of Tecumseh, based on the life of the Native American leader.  There, she was able to continue a study of stage combat and weaponry, begun in college, which she still pursues today.  After graduating cum laude from Miami University in Ohio, she headed to New York.  There, she quickly landed her first television role, as a firefighter in the short-lived series H.E.L.P. from Law and Order's Dick Wolf.  The show also starred Wesley Snipes, John Mahoney and John Spencer, and was the first of two times that Marjorie would play a firefighter (so far).
        Marjorie feels lucky to have done a lot of science fiction work, saying "The stories are often mythic, with so much texture.  Also, the women in science fiction are so much fun to play.  Strong, interesting, sexy, smart, multi-dimensional women.  And sometimes you really get to kick some ass!"  In science fiction, she has been seen starring as the fiery pilot Jojo in the series Space Rangers, and appearing as the enigmatic Number One, leader of the Mars Resistance, in Babylon 5.  She also guest-starred as Freya in the 1995 Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Heroes and Demons," as well as on shows such as The Sentinel, The Pretender, Quantum Leap and Deadly Games.  She played Jared in the first full-length cyberpunk feature, Nemesis, and has completed a science fiction film, Sorcerers, which will be at least 50% computer-generated effects.
        Marjorie has also guest-starred in such popular television series as Law and Order, Murder She Wrote, Cheers, Becker, L. A. Law and JAG.  Her most recent starring role in a series was as firefighter and paramedic Kathleen Ryan on Aaron Spelling's Rescue 77.  Marjorie has also appeared in a number of telefims and feature films, including The Bonfire of the Vanities and Regarding Henry
        Living in the Los Angeles area, Marjorie is developing a new television series and is beginning to do some writing.  She continues to sing and is currently learning to play guitar.  Always an avid reader, she enjoys studying archetypal mythology, Celtic history and many other topics esoteric and otherwise.  She practices yoga, loves to travel, and once she finalizes her dual citizenship, would love to work in Europe!

Iona Morris
Star Trek Guest Stars
Iona won a 1997 NAACP Theater Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Best Ensemble Cast DramaLogue Award for her work in Kevin Arkadie's play Up The Mountain.  In the same year, she won another DramaLogue Award for Best Supporting Actress in the play Two Rooms.  Her regional work in Home and Piano Lesson were staged at the Denver Center Theatre Company and Blues for an Alabama Sky at the Sacramento Theatre Company.  Iona has done most of her theatre work in Los Angeles, in the a capella musical Mens, the long running Girl Bar, Indigo Blues and Tartuffe, among many others.  In New York, she debuted Native Speech, Telltale Hearts and A Perfect Diamond.  Iona has written two one-woman shows.  She is performing her current one-person show For You (nominated for an LA Weekly Award) where she portrays her famous father, in theatres around the country.  Her film credits include a critically acclaimed role as the dancer Nila Fontaine in Tim Reid's film Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored.  Her television credits include a currently running series, in its third season, on the The Discovery Channel entitled The New Adventures of A.R.K., a recurring role on the hit television series Moesha as Aunt Sandy, many other guest star roles, as well as a four-year recurring role on As The World Turns as Fiona Griffin.  Iona is also the original voice of Storm from The X-Men cartoon series and has added directing to her list of credits.  Her Star Trek credits include the original series episode "Miri" and the Voyager episode "Workforce, Part I."
Kevin ParkerKevin Parker
Star Trek's Starships
Star Trek vs. Star Wars
Kevin has been a Star Trek enthusiast for over ten years.  His first convention right was here in Georgia -- DixieTrek in 1986 -- and he's been an avid participant in the science fiction genre ever since.  Currently, Kevin is Captain of the IKAV Nemesis in Lawrenceville, a part of the Klingon Assault Group.  You can also see him during the Halloween Season as the monster of your choice at Netherworld.

Tony Roberts, Ph.D.
Klingon 101
Tony has been a Star Trek fan since before there were reruns.  Originally an independent "Feddie," he switched to Klingon in 1996 after realizing that Klingons have more fun.  He joined the Klingon Assault Group (KAG) and became the communications officer aboard the IKV Fek'lhr's Fury in Marietta.  Tony's Klingon persona is half Klingon, half Vulcan.  Due to his help in arranging the first Toys 'R' Us location for helping the United States Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Campaign and other ongoing charity efforts, he quickly rose in rank and awards to his present rank of Commander, and is the current Executive Officer of the Fury.  Tony's interest in thlIngan Hol (Klingon language) started with his taking the Klingon Language Institute's postal course and listening to language audio cassettes.  Tony's uniform is an actual Paramount costume from the Star Trek exhibit at Universal Studios.  Tony manufactures Klingon trifoils and bumper stickers for those "proud to be Klingon!"  Outside of his Klingon persona, Tony is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Chief Technology Officer of a local Kennesaw Corporation.  He is also President of Dr. Roberts, Inc.

Jeffrey Sooy
Star Trek's Starships
"Ok, I admit it.  I'm one of those closet Star Trek fans.  Years ago I went to the conventions.  I've seen Gene Roddenberry showing his secret "Cage" pilot.  I've gotten most of the signatures I wanted.  Collected all of those AMT ship models in the '70s.  The stuff I have in my attic.  We collected anything that said Star Trek back then.
        "But then I got serious about some real world technology, computers.  Yes, I know all about them.
        "I stopped going to conventions for a long time...
        "I've worked for some very high-tech corporations, like Panasonic, ADP and Earthlink, and seen us getting closer and closer to Trek-like technology.
        "There are events in the last 20 years that expose to my addiction to Star Trek, like the Next Generation party we gave to celebrate the return of Star Trek to television, and again for DS9, and Voyager.  I guess we'll do it again for Enterprise.  The party's at my house!
        "In my office at work, I have a matted and framed cut-away of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D to amaze the engineers, and a painted print of Kirk, Picard and the Enterprise for the less technical side of me.   I still do some collecting and lots of reading."
Eric L. Watts, Dragon*Con Director of Star Trek ProgrammingEric L. Watts
The Missing Minority V
Eric has been an avid Star Trek fan since 1977.  He founded and was President of the United Federation of Trekkers, South Carolina's largest Star Trek fan club, from 1980 to 1988 and has been Dragon*Con's Director of Star Trek Programming since 1992.  Eric has been a member of the amateur press association Imaginapa since 1980 and is now serving his twelfth year at its Central Mailer.  He is a former member of the amateur press associations Apa Enterprise, Talking of Trek, GAPS, Atlapa and Dragon*Citings.  Eric is also the Editor & Publisher of The New Moon Directory, an annual index to amateur press associations, and a member of Southern Bears, Atlanta Prime Timers and the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus (for which he is also web site administrator and Board member).  Professionally, Eric holds Associate in Arts degrees in Visual Communications (1990) and Web Site Administration (1999) from the Art Institute of Atlanta and owns his own graphic and web site design business, ELW Graphix.  Blessed with a love for the English language but cursed with a Southern drawl, Eric recently launched a secondary career in stand-up comedy and has performed at The Comedy House in Kennesaw, Eddie's Attic in Decatur and The Kudzoo Cantina in Bowdon.  In May 2000, he placed as a finalist in WB36's Late Nite Laff-Off competition at Dave & Buster's in Duluth, and was a featured performer at Eddie's Attic's Third Annual Gay Comedy Festival in June 2001.

Hallie Whittaker
The Missing Minority V
Hallie represents the Southern Regional office of GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.  GLAAD is dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of individuals and events in all media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.  Hallie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a Master of Arts in Communication, and is a Communications Associate at GLAAD, where she monitors regional mainstream media in the southern and western United States for stories and portrayals of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities to continue GLAAD's mission.

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