Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant
4:00 p.m. Sunday, September 5, 2004

Have your ship's banner displayed at the back of the stage during the pageant!  Sponsor a question during the "Personality" competition and have your banner brought forward and your ship's name announced to the audience!  Click here for details!
The 2004 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant is open to any qualified attending female member of the 2004 Dragon*Con who agrees to abide by the rules of this contest as posted here, now and in the future.  There is NO registration fee nor any additional cost to participate.  Members and relatives of the TrekTrak Staff, TrekTrak Programming Committee and/or Dragon*Con General Staff are ineligible to participate.  Membership in or affiliation with any Klingon-oriented organization (i.e., KAG, KLAW, etc.) is not required.

Contestants in the 2004 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant will be judged in three separate categories.  They include:

  • "Beauty" --- Contestants will be judged on the quality and professionalism of their costumes, make-up and "modeling."  Contestants may assume the identity of any Klingon female character from any incarnation of Star Trek, or any original Klingon persona of their own creation.  Contestants will be asked to walk a runway in their Klingon persona.  Poise, grace and the authenticity of her persona will be the criteria for judging.

  • "Talent" --- Contestants will be allowed NO MORE THAN THREE MINUTES to demonstrate a talent or skill.  Contestants may sing, dance, act, perform or make any other type of presentation that demonstrates a talent or skill so long as the presentation does not endanger herself, other contestants or the audience.  (In other words, no flaming bat'leth twirling, etc.)  Contestants are encouraged but not required to present a Klingon-themed talent or skill.  Originality and the authenticity of her persona will be the criteria for judging.  Contestants must disclose to the TrekTrak staff their talent intentions prior to the convention for planning purposes, but such information will be kept strictly confidential.  Audio, video or other technical equipment needed for a specific talent presentation can usually be provided with sufficient advance notice.

  • "Personality" --- Each contestant will either be asked a question to which she must respond, or be asked to perform some simple task on the spot.  The authenticity of her answer or performance, and of her persona, will be criteria for judging.
  • Celebrity Judges and Master of Ceremonies
  • Special Guests of Honor
  • Prizes
  • Sponsor a Personality Question
  • Deadline, Registration and Maximum Participation
  • Register to Enter!

    Master of Ceremonies and Celebrity Judges
    The pageant will once again be MC'ed by Eric L. Watts, Dragon*Con's Director of Star Trek Programming.  Celebrities who have been invited to serve as judges include Richard Herd, Gary Graham, Garrett Wang and Miss Virginia Galaxy 2002, Autumn-Skye Boothe.

    Special Guests of Honor
    TrekTrak is delighted to announce the following individuals will make a special guest appearance at this year's pageant:
    Miss Klingon Empire 1999: “Gunner H'nter”
    Miss Klingon Empire 2001: "QeqiVah sutai-Lorenssith"
    Miss Klingon Empire 2003: "Ma'Jon of the Clan IpaQ"
    Miss Klingon Empire 1999
    "Gunner H'nter"
    Miss Klingon Empire 2001
    "QeqiVah sutai-Lorenssith"
    Miss Klingon Empire 2003
    "Ma'Jon of the Clan IpaQ"

    The winner of this pageant will receive a number of prizes with a total value of more than $500, including:

    16" tall acrylic trophy on a solid wood base, custom-designed by TrekTrak Director Eric L. Watts. A plaque on the front of the trophy will be autographed by the pageant's celebrity judges.  (Retail Value: $400)
    Fabulous 8" tall rhinestone tiara, plated in sterling silver and styled with hundreds of all-hand-prong set Swarovski rhinestones.  (Retail Value: $90)

    sash (retail value: $40)
    bouquet of flowers (retail value: $40)
    personalized plaque


    Klingon Ships: Sponsor a Question, Have Your Banner Recognized!
    If your ship has a banner, you are invited to sponsor a question during the Personality competition.  For the duration of the entire pageant, all Klingon ships who sponsor one of the ten questions will have their banners displayed side-by-side on the back of the stage.  During the Personality competition, each banner will be brought to the front of the stage as each contestant returns to the stage for her question.  The MC will then announce to the audience, "This question is sponsored by the IKV YourShipsName from YourCity, YourState.  Contestant #1, IKV YourShipsName would like to ask...."  This is a terrific way to get your ship's name announced to the audience and preserved forever for posterity on the pageant video!

    The cost to sponsor a Personality question is only $10.  The monies raised from these sponsorships will help offset the expenses of the many prizes awarded to the pageant winner.  Sponsorships must be received by August 1, 2004.  If you would like more information about sponsoring a Personality question, send email to TrekTrak Director Eric L. Watts.  If your ship would like to sponsor a Personality question, please send your check or money order payable to "TrekTrak" to Eric L. Watts, PO Box 71, Tucker GA  30085-0071, or click the "Make a Donation" button below to donate safely and securely via PayPal.  Thank you!
    These ships, houses and clans sponsored a Personality question!  Please visit their web sites!
    The IKAV Nemesis
    Lawrenceville GA
    The IKV Saman qo'
    Marietta GA
    The IKV Fek'lhr's Hoof
    Orlando FL
    The IKV Honor's Blade
    Tampa Bay FL
    House Veska
    Denver CO
    The IKV Battle Fury
    Stockbridge GA
    Clan IpaQ
    Hampton GA
    The IKAV Fek'lhr's Fury
    Kennesaw GA

    Deadline, Registration and Maximum Participation
    There will be a maximum of ten contestants.  Contestants must register in advance by e-mail or surface mail in order to participate.  Deadline for registration is Friday, August 20, 2004 or when ten contestants are confirmed, whichever occurs first.  If you are interested in participating or have any questions or comments about this event, send your name, surface address and home phone number via e-mail to the TrekTrak Staff or surface mail to Eric L. Watts, Dragon*Con Director of Star Trek Programming, PO Box 71, Tucker GA  30085-0071.

    Confirmed Participation to Date
    Name of Contestant
    Home City & State
    Date Registration Received
    1.  Legion Ambassador Kita' sutai-Juriss (Rita Howard) Orlando FL 11/6/2003
    2.  Dah EsaH of clan EpaQ (Elisa Roper) Atlanta GA 1/5/2004
    3.  Gwintal (Linda Voronetsky) Marietta GA 3/1/2004
    4.  Captain Khetara sutai-Lorenssith (Christine Evans-Arriaga) Orlando FL 3/8/2004
    5.  Llyrika (Wendy Lyons) Mount Airy MD 3/25/2004
    6.  SajQa' sutai-Fenix (Andrea Benton) Atlanta GA 6/16/2004
    7.  Tiq'suv'we (Billie Jo Bryant) Largo FL 6/28/2004
    8.  Major DaQ' Chong vestai Draken Ral sI Tulsa (Denise Lewis) Tampa Bay FL 7/11/04
    The Dragon*Con programming schedule only allows for the participation of 10 contestants.  Registration is first-come, first-serve.  Due to the absence of one or more preregistered contestants at previous years' pageants, two additional Alternate contestants will be allowed to register this year.  However, their participation in the pageant is contingent on the participation of all 10 preregistered contestants, and the alternate(s) will only compete should any of the first 10 preregistered contestants fail to appear at the event.
    Alternate 1.    
    Alternate 2.    
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