Feddie fanboys and Klingon turtleheads meet, greet and snarl at each other in this popular gathering.  Food and drink for everyone!  Featuring a Klingon marriage in full regalia and a William Shatner impersonation contest with cash prizes.  Hosts:  USS Bishop, Chattahoochee Station, “The Hot Blood Bar” and the NightClub Assault Team.
Above left and right:  The Klingon wedding party.
Above left:  The happy couple, Sherry Williams and Joe Wellbrook, in Klingon personae.  Above center:  The official wedding portrait.  Above right:  Joe lets pour the bloodwine!
Above left:  The wedding ceremony was based on the Deep Space Nine episode in which Worf and Jadzia Dax were married.  Above right:  Joe with an honorable member of the wedding party.
Above left and right:  Members of the wedding party celebrate a long and happy bonding.---
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