Featuring the most beautiful women the Klingon Empire has to offer, to be judged in Beauty, Talent and Personality categories.  Judges include Richard Herd, Cheralyn L. Lambeth and Larry Septrick.
The Contestants (left to right):
#1: “Marge Jacobson of Litchfield, Minnesota,” a.k.a. Cami Freeman
#2: “Nimara,” a.k.a. Nimara Buval
#4: “K’Jaxa,” a.k.a. Robin Bradwell
#6: “La’Of,” a.k.a. Jeanne Marsh
#5: “Lt. Keela Vestai,” a.k.a. Leila McMichael (behind #6)
#7: “Gunner H'nter,” a.k.a. Lynn Herrick
#8: “Lt. Khe’Tara Tai Lorenssith,” a.k.a. Christine Evans-Arriaga
#9: “Six of Nine,” a.k.a. Rachel Wyman

Distinguished judges include (at table, left to right) Larry Septrick, Cheralyn L. Lambeth and Richard Herd.

Contestant #5, “Lt. Keela Vestai” (a.k.a. Leila McMichael) belts out “The Klingon Pain Stick Blues,” which she also choreographed.
 Above left and right:  Contestant #7, “Gunner H’nter” (a.k.a. Lynn Herrick) prepares a favorite Klingon dish, Blood Pie.  Note the “prophylactic protection” provided to the audience.
 Above left and right:  Upon completion of the culinary spectacle, “Gunner H’nter” (a.k.a. Lynn Herrick) presents the Blood Pie to Sharon, a worthy member of the audience celebrating a day of honor, i.e., her birthday.
 Above left and right:  Contestant #8, “Lt. Khe’Tara Tai Lorenssith” (a.k.a. Christine Evans-Arriaga) recites a Klingon poem, “The Brave Man and the Coward.”  In full Klingonese.

During Contestant #8’s poetry recital, the audience ponders the curious absence of universal translators.
Contestant #9, “Six of Nine” (a.k.a. Rachel Wyman), “the first Klingon to be assimilated by the Borg.”
Above left and right:  Contestant #9,“Six of Nine” (a.k.a. Rachel Wyman), delivers a rousing rendition of “Weapons Are A Girl’s Best Friend.”

Contestant #1, “Marge Jacobson of Litchfield, Minnesota” (a.k.a. Cami Freeman), responds to the question, “Who inspires you to great deeds?”

Contestant #2, “Nimara” (a.k.a. Nimara Buval), responds to the question, “How much  pottery have you broken while being courted?”

Contestant #4, “K’Jaxa” (a.k.a. Robin Bradwell), responds to the question, “You are in a Ferengi bar, and the Ferengi has insulted your honor.  Your disruptor misfires.  Using common bar trappings, describe your improvised response.”

Contestant #5, “Lt. Keela Vestai” (a.k.a. Leila McMichael), responds to the question, “Hand-to-hand, melee weapons, or disruptor fire... which do you prefer, and why?”

Contestant #6, “La’Of” (a.k.a. Jeanne Marsh), responds to the question, “What scents excite you?”

Contestant #7, “Gunner H’nter” (a.k.a. Lynn Herrick) responds to the question, “Briefly, describe your most glorious kill.”

Master of Ceremonies Eric L. Watts is more than a bit flabbergasted at “Six of Nine”’s, um... stimulating demonstration with the microphone in response to the question, “What do you... want... in a partner?”
Photo courtesy of Sherry Williams
We have a winner!  Miss Klingon Empire (Contestant #7, “Gunner H’nter,” a.k.a. Lynn Herrick) is flanked by (left to right) Cheralyn Lambeth, Eric L. Watts and Larry Septrick.
The winner received a wealth of prizes, including a rhinestone tiara, a gold pageant sash, a 12"-inch engraved trophy, a bouquet of flowers, a deluxe wood & acrylic plaque, a framed and mounted poster sheet of Star Trek: Insurrection, a personalized and autographed glossy print of Richard Herd as the Klingon “L’Kor,” an AMT/Ertl model kit of the USS Enterprise-D, a gift certificate to Grand Prix entertainment park and a limited edition 1999 TrekTrak ceramic coffee mug.
Photo courtesy of Sherry Williams
Above:  The standing-room-only capacity crowd, including Klingons, humans and others, applaud all the contestants during their Beauty, Talent and Personality presentations.---
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