Best known as Star Trek’s Yeoman Janice Rand, Grace Lee Whitney has written a behind-the-scenes book revealing the untold story of the Star Trek world, confessing to things most of us wouldn’t tell a priest.  Grace Lee Whitney.
Above:  Grace Lee Whitney is escorted to the Hyatt Regency’s Auburn room by an entourage of Klingons, ensuring her safe and timely arrival.
Above, below left and below right:  Promoting her book, The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy, Grace Lee Whitney tells how she won, lost and won again the role of Janice Rand.
Above center:  Grace Lee Whitney is fearlessly surrounded by a squadron of Klingons.  Their intentions are... honorable.
Above left and right:  Fans compliment Grace Lee Whitney on her amazing good looks.  “Thanks!” she replied.  “I sleep in a refrigerator!”  Note the Klingons in the back of the room.
Above left:  Those same Klingons in the back of the room.  At least they say their intentions are honorable....  Above right:  TrekTrak Chief of Staff Bill Ramsey shares a mug of... well, something with Admiral Kroesh (a.k.a. Larry Septrick), leader of KAG.

Above:  Grace Lee Whitney recalls Leonard Nimoy’s response to his first reading of her book.---
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