Best known as Star Trek’s Yeoman Janice Rand, Grace Lee Whitney has written a behind-the-scenes book revealing the untold story of the Star Trek world, confessing to things most of us wouldn’t tell a priest.  Grace Lee Whitney.
Above and below:  Still a stunning beauty at age 69, Grace Lee Whitney proudly announces being 18 years clean and sober.
Above and below:  On a somber note, Grace Lee Whitney describes the memorial service held for her old friend, DeForest Kelley, a.k.a. “Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy,” who passed away June 11.
Above and below:  Grace Lee Whitney ponders whether she has been “outranked” by her son, a Captain and pilot for a commercial airlines.
Above:  Grace Lee Whitney hopes that her friend and colleague, George Takei, is successful in launching a new Star Trek TV series based on the adventures of Captain Sulu and Commander Rand, which she calls “The George & Gracie Show.”---
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