Thank you for 17 extraordinary years: 1993-2009.

What They Said About the 2009 TrekTrak
To your credit, you did a thoroughly spectacular job of hosting and directing the TrekTrak programming all weekend long.  Sure, there were snafus, but in a convention that large where you can't micromanage everything, you can't expect there to not be a few glitches.  You were well-spoken and poised onstage whenever you had the microphone.  You looked absolutely comfortable and confident while sharing the stage with Patrick Stewart, and I'll tell you honestly that your presence definitely added to many of the presentations.  You ARE the Johnny Carson of Trekdom!  Only having seen your work this past weekend, I can already be sure of that.  And for TrekTrak overall... the panels, panelists, and guest stars were all brilliant, and every other Trek fan I spoke to all weekend said nothing but good things.  Give yourself a pat on the back, put your feet up, and congratulate yourself on a job VERY well done.
Michelle d'Entremont
     Thanks for being a Great Host and Friend.  It was a GREAT weekend.  I am looking forward to working with you next year at Dragon*Con and also that OTHER project we talked about!  You truly are the "Johnny Carson" of Trekdom!  Friends Always,
James Cawley
Creator & Senior Executive Producer, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II
Hey Eric,
     Thanks for another extraordinary TrekTrak.  I admit I had some trepidation at participating in a 2.5 hour-long panel about the new Star Trek movie, but boy the time just flew by!  Looking forward to next year!
John C. Snider
Hi Eric,
     Had a wonderful time at Dragon*Con and enjoyed Kate's two panels immensely.
Connie Bell
Totally Kate Webmaster
What an amazing year!!  TrekTrak was THE place to be, this year more than ever.  I must express my complete and total love for Garrett Wang as a guest.  What an amazing guy.  If you had him as a guest every year, I would come just to see him.  Thank you so much for everything you do to bring Trek to life for the fans.  You rock!!
Charity Owensby
I had a wonderful time at my first Dragon*Con and TrekTrak really put on a good show.
Matt Mancuso
Hey Eric!
     First I want to say it was an absolute honor and pleasure to be on your track!  I've been on panels with other tracks at Dragon*Con and while they were a good time and pleasant I must say I was truly impressed by the professionalism of the way your track was run.  The volunteer staff looked fantastic in their shirts and everyone was incredibly supportive and very helpful.  The certificate, ribbon, booklet, the water... all of it was truly well done.  I have never felt more welcome on a panel and I was truly touched, especially as I was a last-minute replacement who'd never worked with you or your staff before.  Thank you all very much for being so positive, welcoming, supportive and gracious.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  I hope that after all was said and done that you and the fans are still pleased with the way the panel proceeded.  My friends and I truly enjoyed all the Star Trek guests.  We saw some of the guests later in the bar and they looked like they were having a good time at the convention.  I look forward to seeing what you have lined up for next year!  Again, thank you for your graciousness in dealing with me despite my relative inexperience.  It was truly a pleasure to participate on your track and please thank all of your staff again for me.
Dawn Cowings
Producer/Panic Struck Productions/Star Wars: Revelations
Writer-Producer/X-ile Pictures/Pitching Lucas, Trenches
I just wanted to thank you sooooo much!  I had such a great time participating in the [Miss Klingon Empire Beauty] pageant.  The whole experience was just wonderful.  It is such a credit to you that it was as successful as it was.  It was evident to me and my husband that you have worked so hard and put so much of yourself in it to build this pageant.  I want you know that it is an experience I will always remember and cherish.  I had so many people stopping me to take my picture and congratulate me.  Also, everyone who stopped me told me how much they enjoyed the whole pageant.  I had people tell me that the pageant was the highlight of Dragon*Con for them.  Your Friend,
Lucy Boydston [Miss Klingon Empire 2009]
Thank you Eric and all the volunteers.  You have made all my Star Trek dreams come true!!!!!  This year's Con will be hard to top.  Your hard work and dedication is so deeply appreciated.  Thanks again and we will see you next year.
Lindy Hayes
Dragon*Con 2009 was my first convention ever.  I have watched from afar for the past couple years before finally taking the plunge this past weekend.  I had a blast.  Thank you very much.  It obviously took an immense effort to put this on and I was in heaven running around to all the different panels.  Your effort and time was very much appreciated.  I will definitely be back next year!  Sincerely,

What They Said About the 2008 TrekTrak
I enjoyed my time at Dragon*Con this past weekend, thanks for the invite and keeping everything organized with so many convention attendees and guests.  Thanks again.
Tim Russ, Star Trek: Voyager
It was a pleasure to meet you!  Thank you for the hospitality at the TrekTrak, it was truly a wonderful time.  Can't wait for TrekTrak 2009!  Already registered!
David Reddick, Cartoonist / Artist, The Trek Life
Great to meet you this past weekend.  I really enjoyed what part of Dragon*Con I got to see and I think it will aid in my endeavor to bring a smaller-scaled version to Louisiana.  BTW, we still would love to have you come down.
Justin Toney
I just wanted to send a note and say thank you again for having me on those panels this year.  Justin and I had an absolute blast, and if you'd have me again next year, I would love to contribute to the programming as much as possible.  And honestly, I never realized quite how much work you put into the convention... All I can say is "well done."  Thanks for all!
Joshua P. Dease
I attended Dragon*Con last year and came this past Friday and tried to attend most of your TrekTrak events.  I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your events and you did a very good job at putting everything together.  I really enjoy getting to talk about Star Trek with the fans.  Again, good job on organizing these events and thanks for letting me have lots of fun while at Dragon*Con!
Austin Gordy

What They Said About the 2007 TrekTrak
One of the most popular tracks at Dragon*Con is also its most stalwart, hitting the 15-year mark in 2007.  That is "TrekTrak," which from the beginning has been run by local fan club organizer Eric L. Watts.  TrekTrak has always attracted major celebrities from the Trek universe to help fill its four full days of programming, but Watts also recruits fans and experts from throughout the region to maintain the local flavor of the event.
Dear Eric,
      I wanted to let you know that it was a great pleasure to be involved in TrekTrak as a panelist---thank you for the invitation.  TrekTrak stands far and above the rest as the best organized, most diverse, and arguably the most interesting track at Dragon*Con.  I've been to a lot of conventions---and even produced a number of them---but I have to hand it to you guys, you really pull off a magnificent event, and about forty times the size of anything I've been involved with.  Without a doubt, Eric, you posed one of the best (and funniest) questions to Jonathan Frakes that I've ever heard put to a Star Trek guest at a question and answer session!
     Dragon*Con overall---and TrekTrak in particular---are amazing undertakings.  I'm already planning on coming back next year and hope that you will keep me in mind to sit on any panels you think appropriate.
Anthony Wynn
Talkin' Trek and Other Stories
      I just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to participate in your Dragon*Con TrekTrak panels.  I had a great time.  This was my third Dragon*Con and it was absolutely the best year yet.
Larry Chalkley
Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You for having Frakes, McFadden & Spiner.  That rocked!
      Thanks for organizing a great TrekTrak this year!  I'm sure many others appreciated it as well.  Hope to be back next year.
Michael Rivera
Congrats on another succesful Dragon*Con and helping me be a part of it!!
Melissa Carter
The Bert Show and Co-Host, Twist
Hi Eric,
      I just wanted to send a note to thank you for doing a wonderful job of hosting the Star Trek celebrity panels.  You provided great entertainment as well as guiding us and the celebrities through an hour of fun.  This was my first Dragon*Con and I must say I was quite impressed with... well... everything.  Thanks again!
Beth McNutt
The TrekTrak continues to be one of the best-run tracks at Dragon*Con, and one that is always an absolute joy to participate in.  I tend to hop back and forth among a lot of different tracks at D*C, but Eric and his merry crew always make the TrekTrak feel like home, and that's greatly appreciated.
Keith R. A. DeCandido
Star Trek author
      I had a great time.  I think a lot of folks I work with in and out of CBS and various biz would like to hear actual fans sound off and see the exact tone of the restless natives, if you know what I mean.  Also, Miss Klingon and our Trek XI panel, for two, were SRO.  Great job, and great team as always.  I really was blown away by "Miss Klingon."  :-)
Larry Nemecek
Star Trek Communicator
Hi Eric,
     I wanted to thank you so much for once again putting on an excellent programming track, and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. Larry, Brooke and I had an excellent time doing it, and we can't wait to do it bigger and better next year  :)
      I personally feel that the Rainbow Flag Party does a vital service to the GLBT community at Dragon*Con, as it is the only GLBT-themed party on the official program.
Dave Churvis
      My daughter and I really enjoyed TrekTrak again this year.  I can only imagine how much work you and your staff put into this.  Please pass along my thanks.  We especially liked the way you got rolled by the folks from ST:TNG.  Those panels were hilarious.  See you next year.
James W. Watts
      Amanda and I had a WONDERFUL time.  YOUR hospitality is such a joy to receive.  If I were to thank you a million times it wouldn't be enough to say how much I loved you putting me on the BattleStar vs Trek panel.  I practically pissed myself a fanboy puddle when I was up there!!  Hope to see you soon, my friend.
Charles Root
Lt. Cmdr Montgomery Scott,
Star Trek: New Voyages
Hi Eric,
      I just wanted to say, "Job well done!"  Once again, you presented a wonderful Star Trek track at Dragon*Con.  As always, the level of organization and professionalism displayed by you and your staff is an example that the other tracks should attempt to emulate.  Again, well done!
Thomas Harbert

What They Said About the 2006 TrekTrak
Hi, Eric!
     It was such a pleasure to be on the "Star Trek Authors Cavalcade" with Ann [Crispin], Josepha [Sherman], and Richard [White] this year.  I was enormously impressed with your organization and presentation.  The Star Trek panel was the only panel with name cards for the participants.  As of now, I'm planning to be at Dragon*Con '07, so please keep me in mind for next year.  Thanks!
--- Diana G. Gallagher
Hey Eric,
     Wanted to drop a line telling you how much I enjoyed your interview with George Takei at Dragon*Con.  I got a few good pics of you and George and was wondering if you'd like copies.  I'd be glad to email them to you.  Take care,
--- Brooke Perry
Hello, Eric!
     Thank you for another stellar TrekTrak!  As always, it's one of the best tracks at Dragon*Con.  I'm still going through all my photos from the con (over 3,000...), but here's a few I wanted to go ahead and share with you.  I will send more as I happen upon them.  Also, I know it's still 354 days until D*C 2007, but are there any "definite" plans for next year's Trivia Challenge?  I have some ideas if you're interested.  Enjoy!  Sincerely,
--- Eve
As always, the TrekTrak was one of the best-run and most enjoyable tracks at Dragon*Con 2006.  I had a fabulous time, and look forward to doing it again in 2007!
--- Keith R.A. DeCandido
     I know I keep saying this every year, but 2006 was the best TrekTrak ever!  It is easily the best-run, most detail-oriented programming track at any Con I've ever attended.  Period.  Keep up the great work and I hope to see you again next year!
--- John C. Snider, Editor;
Hey Eric:
     As a first time attendee of Dragon*Con and a self-proclaimed ignoramus when it comes to Sci-Fi and Star Trek, I was captivated by the sense of community.  I was also impressed with your high-energy hosting skills.  All the best,
--- Jed Fearon
     I had an awesome time this year on the track.  I think TrekTrak Trivia Challenge went excellently, and I hope the people who were there felt likewise.  The player who I nearly blinded with the M&Ms bag even liked it, I think.  Definitely let's do it again next year!  I'll try not to throw things at the audience.  At least, not so hard.
--- Joe Crowe
Hi Eric,
     Dragon*Con was great!  This was my first Dragon*Con.  I liked all of your Trek programming, especially seeing the "Star Trek: New Voyages" cast and George Takei.  The Rainbow Flag Party was great, too!  Will the "New Voyages" cast return next year?  I'll be back next year.  Take care,
--- William McCullars
Once again, a fantastic job!  Lena and I loved it.  :-)
--- Todd

What They Said About the 2005 TrekTrak
Dear Eric, I attended the 2005 Dragon*Con---it was my very first convention of any kind and my first Dragon*Con.  I had a blast.  It was the best vacation I've ever had!  I am a big Star Trek fan, and I spent a great deal of time at your TrekTrak.  You are extremely funny, have an amazing stage presence and are so fluent in Star Trek!  I was very impressed with the incredibly organized and well-run events you arranged and directed, and cannot even imagine the challenges you faced.  I feel very fortunate to have reaped the rewards of what must have been many months of very hard work on your part.  I had such a great time.  THANK YOU!  I can't wait to come back next year!
--- Myra Rachelle Cohen
Eric, Thanks again for being part of my best convention experience ever!  I always enjoy bloviating at the expense of an audience, but to be able to do so with Connor Trinneer, Richard Hatch and Tricia Helfer was truly icing on the cake.  Naturally, I hope I was able to keep the panels moving along and interesting; in short, I hope I earned my keep.  Looking forward to next year (already).
--- John C. Snider, Editor,
Eric, thanks for the good show at DC 2005, and the ambush at the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant!  I think it was good for all the vets there.
--- Staff Sergeant Chris Jones, US Army
Thanks, Eric, for another great year!  I had a blast despite the sniffling cold.  And thanks for all the hard work that you and your helpers do for us.  Can't wait to see the video of the MKE Pageant!
--- Sherry Williams, Miss Klingon Empire 2001
Mr. Watts, Wanted to drop you and your TrekTrak crew a quick note to say thanks for a great job during this year's Dragon*Con.  It was the first vacation in two years for my wife and me, and we had a great time!  While we enjoyed every guest you booked this year, we wanted to extend a personal thanks to Mr. Max Grodenchik---a classy guy in every way.  Thanks again!
--- Damon and Margaret Renner
I had a fantastic time at TrekTrak this year, both at the single-person panels I did and the group panels, which were immense fun.  I especially enjoyed discussing what we've done in the TREK novels of late with such an appreciative audience, and how well you guys treat your guests and your audiences.  Bravo to all, and I look forward to coming back in 2006!
--- Keith R.A. DeCandido
Eric, I just wanted to thank you once again for letting me participate in TrekTrak this year.  I had an absolute blast.  I think that TrekTrak is arguably one of the most well-organized programming tracks at Dragon*Con, and wish you continued success in the years to come.  Live long and prosper.
--- James Palmer
Hi Eric, THANK YOU!!  I had such a great time!  It was an honor to be a part of TrekTrak.  If you'd ever like my participation again, just say the word.  You've done yet another fantastic job.  Everything from the web site to the new TrekTrak show format was excellent.  Seriously, do the TrekTrak show again next year, it was fab!  And so was the Rainbow Flag Party!  The only thing mitigating my post-con depression right now is the realization that next year's will be here in a flash.  Only 361 days!  Having said that, though, I hope you're getting some well-deserved rest.  Thanks again, Eric.
--- Joel Bellucci
Damn Eric, Can I have any more fun at Dragon*Con?  NO!  Thanks to you, I had another great time this year.  Your interview with LeVar and Marina was ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!  (So, have you had sex with a Holoprogram?)  And, as always, the high point of my experience, the TrekTrak Disco Party (a little more "We Are Family" and anything by Village People and ABBA).  Keep on Trekkin' and see ya next year!
--- Tonya L. Spanks
Eric, Thank you very much for everything.  I had an excellent time on the Enterprise: The Final Verdict and The Future of the Star Trek Franchise panels.  I think my fellow panelists and I somehow had some kind of comedy rapport going, because we were bouncing off each other the whole time.  I hope that the audience had as much fun as we did.  I can't wait to see what we can stir up next year.
--- Joe Crowe,
Greetings... Just want to say thank you for the staging of the 2005 TrekTrak events at Dragon*Con.  Best parts were the one-on-one's with the various Trek celebrities.  Looking forward to 2006.
--- Frank
Dear Mr. Watts, I just wanted to say you made this year's Dragon*Con so much fun for me.  You are very funny and it was a pleasure meeting you.  Keep up the awesome work.
--- Chadd Franklin

What They Said About the 2004 TrekTrak
I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time this year.  The panels were always entertaining and your guests were wonderful.  Of course the high point (aside from the Miss Klingon Pageant) was the Ten Forward DISCO PARTY!  I danced for the first time since elementary school (30 years ago).  I hope we get to do it again next year.
Tonya L. Spanks
Once again, I want to compliment you on all the hard work you do to make the panels so fascinating every year.
Karen Moore
Just have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the TrekTrak this year.  Garrett Wang was a hoot and I will never look at a Klingon again in the same light after seeing one in a sparkly polyster jumpsuit disco'ing to the BeeGees!  Just wanted to say that you do a fantastic job and if I was closer to Atlanta, would love to volunteer my services (can I say that?) to help.  Take care and once again, thanks for all that you do to keep Trek alive and well in the South.
Wanda Khan
I had fun debating at the Enterprise panel and enjoyed being on TrekTrak.  Thank you for allowing me the oppourtunity to participate.  I'm looking forward to next year's convention and if possible would like to sit in on the Enterprise panel again. Lots of people liked the Klingon Trial and meeting Garret Wang.  He was a great guest.
Monique Lumsden
Had a BLAST!!  :)  Thanks for everything.
Christine Evans-Arriaga
Loved TrekTrak this year EXCEPT WE NEED A LARGER ROOM!!!  I'm sure you have already heard this a million times but I am adding my vote for a larger space next year.  Thanks!
Kelly Murray
Just when I think you have reached the nth of what you can make of TrekTrak, you manage to top the previous year's great work.  Your pageant was my highlight this year.  I loved all the changes you had added this year.  You've been hiding a singing voice for one!  And it was great to see all those ladies from the past few years show up and take a part.  And it was wonderful that you arranged for a viewing of Trekkies 2.  :)  I can hardly wait to see what you come up with for next year. Only 354 days to go, right?  ;)
Lillian Wan
Thanks for all you hard work on TrekTrak.  I have enjoyed it very much.  It is the best run of all the programming tracks I have attended at DragonCon.  I am looking forward to next year.
Karen McIntyre
Cari and I enjoyed the sessions.  You did another great set of presentations.
Mike Campbell
I cannot begin to describe to you all what a great time this weekend was at DragonCon.  The TrekTrak Party: Eric Watts was very kind to let us have a table at the Ten Forward party on Sunday night.  It is always a blast at that party for the Trek fans to loosen the uniform a bit and have some fun.  The Panels: Thanks again to Eric Watts for letting us have Darren on the Queer Eye for the Trek Guy panel and me to present my Save Our Show panel.
Edward deGruy, President, Outworlders Inc.

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